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Re: 2XU.... Poor Quality? [fuse01] [ In reply to ]
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I can only agree with all points. I really want to like the stuff but its just poor quality. I was at Interbike last year and tried to speak to them but they clearly gave the impression that they had better things to do than to listen to criticism.
I emailed them and got same impression, in fact when I hinted the argument that they should consider a warranty replacement they offered to provide me with an address of the closest retailer!!! Like I would pay for another tri short AFTER my original purchase fell apart after 3 races.
$hit company in my eyes.

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Re: 2XU.... Poor Quality? [Triback] [ In reply to ]
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Triback wrote:
Yes the quality sucks. The fit is great and the feel is great but the durability blows. All my 2xu stuff usually only lasts a single season which includes following the care instructions. The tri shorts chamois came un-done and bunched up after a few months of use. I'm done with 2xu.

I've been having significant issues with their tri shorts as well. I used to *love* their shorts w/ the pockets, in 2009/2010 the ones I would buy lasted for years. The ones I've bought in the last year have all deteriorated quickly; I have lots of issues with the leg grippers, you know, not gripping. There's also issues with them generally stretching out after a couple of washes which they never used to do. I'm trying out other vendors now because I've had it with 2XU.


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