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Re: Sad day for France... [QR guy] [ In reply to ]
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Well, QR guy... I guess every village has one and needless to say this news group also has one also - QR guy.

Substance to opinion will add weight. More importantly, it will remove the voluntary misfortune called ignorance.

Joe Moya

"Whoever kindles the flames of intolerance ... is lighting a fire underneath his own home." H. E. Stassen
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Re: Frenchness [Gary in SD] [ In reply to ]
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If you want people to trust your opinions on foreign policy or, for that matter, trust your new web site - try to avoid misspelling "friends". Also I would avoid references to web sites with names like "frogweenies".

Or, as Homer Simpson says, "oh, look, a bird".



What is Enoch Root?
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