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FS: wetsuits, t mat, aero bars, hydration bottle, TYR backpack, Tri books
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Been a few years been out of triathlon and have no intention of getting back in. Although i would love too just don't have the time and serious lack of races in my area. getting rid of a handful of things. Any issues with any one item will be listed.

19 Pipeline XL wetsuit i'm 6'4" 195 and fit me for size consideration. Still in great shape but obviously used and shows years no tares, maybe a couple nicks from finger nails but couldn't positively find any, zipper works. $40

I have a used wetsuit same size old xterra that has nicks and what not that i will throw in for free if someone wants when buys other suit. This was my practice suit and used for my open water workouts.

Tmat Pro transition mat - $20

will send pictures to those interested cant get them to attach to this posting

TYR TRI/Swim backpack blue and white, numerous compartments and helmet clips for bike helmet

XLab Torpedo Versa 200 between the aero bar hydration $50

Joel Friel - Triathletes training bible

Matt Dixon - Fast track Triathlete

Carbon Fiber clip on aero bars, used these before had a tri bike and really help get aero, once tightened on are firm and like above weight im not the smallest and never slipped worked great with Xlab system. $50

Everything is up for negotiations and bundle deals, not trying to get rich just make a little off what i got laying around. Buyer pays shipping but will ship cheapest way possible.
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