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WTB - 42cm or 44cm Aerofly or Roval handlebar, 25mm rise
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As the title says! Looking for a 42cm or 44cm Aerofly or Roval handlebar, 25mm rise. Read on for a story...

Fun to be back on here! I was super active about a decade ago when I was an aspiring Cat 1 in the Bay Area. I bought and sold my Cervélo P3 on here. But inevitably we get older, married, have kids, and in my case, injure the back and put on some pounds.

I still have my Tarmac SL3 from my race days. But I just can't get as low as I could when I was 25 years old. Well, I can, but then I'll spend a week getting my spine back in order. The SL3 has a carbon steerer. I already have a ridiculous rise stem on there. I don't want to buy a new fork. This SL3 was the Team Issue geometry, top of the line in 2010-2011, which means even less stack than usual on Specialized road bikes.

So, between having a short torso and long legs for my height (178cm), and having a bad back, the race bike just mocks me in the corner.

Hoping to find an Aerofly. I've already got a Surly Truck Stop with a 30mm rise on order. But a Surly bar on an SL3?! What would the Bike Snob say? (He'd probably be cool with it, he's no spring chicken either.) The Aerofly "belongs" on the bike.

Anywho, I'm in the Austin, Texas area, can pay by Paypal, and I'll be more than reasonable with pricing and shipping. But I know I'm not the only one looking for these.

(I did see that a Steed Cycles in Vancouver has ONE in stock? Anyone want to proxy one over from Canada for me? https://www.specialized.com/ca/en/s-works-aerofly-carbon-handlebars--25mm-rise/p/156095)

(_)/ (_)
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