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Rental for athletes
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Looking for full or part time athletes.

We were originally going to rent our place out on AirBnb or Craigslist. However, we realized we really get along with like minded people who are fitness/health conscious. We also have some equipment you might find beneficial.

We are located in Southern Colorado between Ridgway and Telluride. Our place is on 80 acres of an old ski resort.

The lockoff has it's own entrance. It's 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath and a small kitchen. Fully furnished and utilities included.

We have a variety of equipment we are willing and want to share. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Altitude sleep tent, Marc Pro, Compex, Halo sport, dumbbells and more.

I can't promise anything, but we do plan on having a few more things starting this spring. Sauna, small gym, green house and hopefully a pool or lazy river.

We're at 8400 feet and have plenty of trails to run, ski and bike on. For swimming, there is open swimming at the Ridgway reservoir.
There is an eight lane lap pool in Ouray at the hot springs.

We are the first stop for plowing when there is snow. However, it is a 1/4 mile driveway and 4wd is highly recomended. Having said that, we just had someone stay and did just fine with 2wd.

We have wifi that we can call and text through.

We would prefer either a full time person/persons or if you want to split a month between friends, we'd be open to that. We're open to ideas so feel free to ask any questions.

We had renters at $2,000 a month on Craigslist. We are asking $1,500 per month on here.

About us.

Amy, my wife, is more of the athlete. I'm 44 and not very competitive. However, I am playing with the idea of a Triathlon or something in the future. We listen to a wide variety of podcasts like Ben Greenfield, Joe Rogan, Peter Attia and many more. We drink coffee that is too expensive, wear Oura rings and have to many supplements. We have an appreciation for all sports.

We have pictures we can send if you're interested.
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