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"Mega-Ride" Musings
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For an AG athlete training 20 hours a week in an Ironman buildup, is there a place for a "Mega-Ride"?

If so, what do you consider a "Mega-Ride" in terms of time relative to estimated race bike split. 1.25X?
1.75X? Something else?

What about frequency? Would you go for just 1 "Mega-Ride" in a buildup, or would you aim for

Enlighten me ST'ers....
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Re: "Mega-Ride" Musings [TravelingTri] [ In reply to ]
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You don't really need mega rides.
They really just make you overly tired.
You're better off doing shorter rides and going harder.
I rarely do any rides over 4 hours.

That being said, I love the odd mega ride.
I have an insanely hard 170 km planned in a couple of weeks, and a 200 km ride in about 8 weeks.
Both will take somewhere in the 8 hour range.
I'm low 5 hour for IM.
My A race is about 20 weeks away.
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