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Post Guppy Withdrawal Symptoms...
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I loved the Guppy Challenge - I managed all workouts bar 2 over the 10 week period. (one because of the Holidays one because of an insane work week)

But I'm a little lost now as how to continue....

My goal is IMUK in July.

To this point I've been just repeating Guppy Workouts doing a mix of Guppy & Tarpon Yards.

Is this sufficient? Or do I need to start doing more longer intervals (400s/800s)? And cut down the drills as a % of workouts?

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Re: Post Guppy Withdrawal Symptoms... [plumber250] [ In reply to ]
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Former Guppy here-

Stepping up to Tarpon yardage is one option. I don't think too many longer intervals are necessary until you're closer to your IM, but that's outside my experience for how to prep. I'd not cut down on drills/technique too much.

Consider what you find are your strengths/weaknesses. If you have decent 100m times, but can't pace/sustain a 10-15x100 with 10" rest, then that's something to focus on. If those are easy, but you can't "race" the 100 well, then work on v. hard short intervals with rest. Chances are, you need to do alot of both. ;-) Swimming with frequency (>3x/wk) will also help a lot, if that's an option. G'luck -J

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