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Sports related social media, writing, editing and proofing services.
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Hi all, I'm an experienced and widely published feature and copywriter. My work has been featured in Wired UK, Monotype, NZ Triathlon, Canon Europe's marketing material, Nokia's internal communication channel, and more. As you'd expect, I'm also a keen amateur triathlete (and soon, indoor rower). I understand our rapidly evolving market, from bikes to shoes, sunglasses, apparel and technology.

I offer a professional, fastidious and rapid service which allows you and your brand to get your message to the right people at the right time. Got a new product in development? Talk to me about the best way to get social media working for you, to stimulate interest in our crowded marketplace.

I'm based in New Zealand, but work with numerous concerns across Europe and the US (where our differing timezones offer a distinct advantage - I'm working while you're asleep). If you'd like to discuss how we can work together to maximise your impact, get in touch today - I'm at davelikestowrite@icloud.com, or +6421640904.

Happy training!

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