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HRM with Interval Alarm?
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Short story: Looking for a heart rate monitor with an alarm that I can set to beep at certain intervals (10 or 15 min). This is to help with nutrition intake during training and racing.

Long story: I have an older Garmin GPS that I don't race with or use on long bikes, so I really don't want another GPS but wouldn't totally rule it out if that's all there is. I did my research and decided on the Timex Ironman Road Trainer for Women after my old Polar HRM died in the winter. Ordered the Road Trainer in March. Trained with it for awhile. I was unhappy with the relatively few functions that the watch has, and that the stop button sometimes pressed itself when I changed wrist position or was in aero on the bike. This watch didn't have an interval alarm. Decided to stick with the watch though since I'm not made of money. Then, when I was coming out of the water in a half ironman, I noticed that the display had water in it. The watch didn't take a heart rate reading for the rest of the half ironman, felt like I was racing blind. This happening after three months really made me not want another Timex product.

Needs: Smaller watch or women specific, interval alarm that can be set at 10 or 15 min intervals, won't break in water, and not $300.
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Re: HRM with Interval Alarm? [TriLadyBug] [ In reply to ]
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the timex ironman race trainer sounds like it would work for you - that's what i've been using for over a year now, and i quite like it (despite the girly colours, on which i'm not keen).

http://www.amazon.ca/...onitor/dp/B001WRKDP2 <-- the exact one i have. comes with a heart rate monitor strap but no USB widget to download info - there's another package that comes with the widget, or you can buy it separately. i've never bothered.

it has a timer you can set for whatever interval you choose, and it can be set to re-start once it finishes so it loops indefinitely.

full disclosure: the original one i purchased ended up with water under the face the first time i swam with it. didn't push any buttons or anything underwater, it just leaked. i purchased it from mountain equipment co-op, and they replaced it with no issue. the second unit has never caused a moment's worry.

if you have a timex product that's got water under the face, return it - talk to timex directly if you need to. perhaps ask about upgrading to the race trainer at the same time.


-mistress k

ill advised racing inc.
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