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Looking for career advice
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Hi all. New to site.

I've been into tris for 3 years and have finished 2 marathons, 3 HIMs and 1 full IM. I'm still getting my feet wet in the sport and in the process of learning everything I can about related physiology, nutrition and lifestlye. I have little marketability in the industry, but am young, energetic about the sport and willing to start at entry level.

I'm not really looking for a job right now. I'm looking for advice. I think a career in the triathlon industry sounds incredibly appealing, but I don't know what all is out there or how I might go about finding it. I'm open to any suggestions, be it sales, event management, coaching or something I've never thought about before. I'd be willing to go back to school if it was something I was sure I wanted to do, but right now I can't narrow it down (exercise physiology vs. nutrition vs. education, etc.)

Just looking to see what's out there and how best to use my younger (I'm about to turn 24) years to set me up for something better and more exciting in the future.

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