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For Sale: VeriCrank, adjustable crank for fit bikes
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I have a set of adjustable cranks that I'd like to sell. Here a the details:
  • The brand is VeriCrank. These were made by Racermate
  • The cranks range from 165mm in length to 185mm in length
  • They fit onto a square tapered bottom bracket

Here comes the critical bit, the price. I want to sell these for $100 + $20 flat rate ship to ONLY the lower 48 United States. I think $100 is freakishly low because you can't get these cranks anymore. I think the only adjustable crank on the market is from Purely Custom, they are $499. Perhaps the cranks on the Shimano fit bike are better but you can't buy them separately from the bike so I guess those cranks are something like $30,000

I'm going with $100 because I want bike fitters to be better, to provide a better service in our sport, an aspect of that is being able to adjust crank length quickly and easily during a fit. These cranks allow that happen and I want some passionate fitter out there to grab these up on the cheap.

Can you trust me as a seller? Yes, and here's why... I'm not anonymous on this Forum. If you click on my username (IanPeace) you'll find that my real name is Ian Murray. I assist Dan Empfield in teaching the F.I.S.T. bike fit school. I am also partners with Dan in Slowtwtich Coaching. I have a reputation both on Slowtwitch and in triathlon as a whole that is well established and I wouldn't loose my 20 years as a professional in this sport over $100 set of cranks. I'll go a step farther in this by providing a guarantee: I stripped the threads out of the drive side crank and rebuilt it PERFECTLY with a helicoil. It's perfect, and anyone who proceeds with care will get a long life from these cranks. If those threads fail in the first year of use I'll refund your entire $100 purchase price (I'm keeping the $20 in shipping).

Pic of the cranks is below.
I would want payment via paypal. DM me if you're interested or have questions and I'll get back to you. Ian

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Re: For Sale: VeriCrank, adjustable crank for fit bikes [ianpeace] [ In reply to ]
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Sold. Thank you
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