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Re: Lucy isn't showing up on start lists and is pretty quiet on SM [SheridanTris]
Where did you check? Easy to see on insta that she did the los santa camp Jan-Feb. Three or four A races this year is probably enough

SheridanTris wrote:
Lacticturkey wrote:
Theres plenty of recent posts and videos? She looks quite pleased in todays post biking with her dog in a back pack

She hasn’t posted any running updates at all. Read into that what you want.

Normally over the winter she will do the park runs and occasionally X-Country but not seen any of that recently. She also normally posts a lot more about going to La Santa on training camps. Perhaps she is staying in UK to receive treatment, perhaps to avoid COVID, perhaps a new training regime.

You can read anyway you want to but there is a definite difference to last year.
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