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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CFR, CF SLX, and CF (disc & rim brake) [ianpeace]
Hi Ian,

Like many, I'm patiently awaiting a Canyon Speedmax CF (Disc) or CFR (Disc) to become available. I currently ride a large Trek Speed Concept. The fitter on the Canyon site (height/inseam says I'm a medium). I'd appreciate some fitting advice to ensure I get the correct frame. I've had bike fitting done but with the fitter have been tweaking the front end (raising), shorter cranks, saddle up and fwd to open up my hip angle to reduce back pain over an Ironman bike. I can't be sure that this will be my locked in position and minor changes may still occur (incremental rise in front perhaps). It's hard to test without replicating an Ironman bike leg.

Height: 184cm
Inseam: 81.28cm
Crank length: 165cm (although I see this is not a stock option with the new bikes)
Seat height: 75cm
Pad stack (back of pad): 68cm
Pad reach (back of pad): 40cm

I may need a little bit of room to move with the Pad stack.

What are your frame, stem and spacer recommendations?

Kind regards,

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