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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CFR, CF SLX, and CF (disc & rim brake) [ianpeace]
Hi Ian,

I‘m looking at getting a new Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Disc (CF as the plan b option), and I would like to double-check the correct frame size. Canyon's calculator recommends size L, but size XL is not that far either, so better to also ask for your advice before making any order.

My body measurements:
- Height: 194 cm
- Inseam: 94.5 - 95 cm

My bike measurements (Felt B16, bike fit done in 2015):
- Pad X center: 485 mm (rear 445 mm)
- Pad Y: 700 mm
- Saddle height: 880m (ISM Adamo, nose tilted)
- Cranks: 175 mm

Thanks in advance and happy new year!
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