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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CFR, CF SLX, and CF (disc & rim brake) [BPdc]
Hi Ian -

Had a few chats with Canyon online, but now I have more specific fit data, I'm keen on the SLX, but don't think I can come close on armpad stack, but the CF seems doable? Would love your opinion either way.

Cheers, Pat

Existing bike - Small Trek TTT (OG) with 165mm crank and the XXX cockpit with profile straight bars. My fitter is conservative on stack, but at 44, I'm ok with that right now. I'm 5'6 w/ 81cm inseam.

Top of saddle to center of pedal spindle = 89 cm

Nose of saddle to bar/stem intersection = 47 cm with ISM Breakway saddle
Top of saddle to top of bars = -100 mm
KOP = + 75 mm
Saddle tilt = - 3.5 degrees

STA = 80.5 degrees *
TT = 50 cm c to c LEVEL *
ST = 55 cm *
Stand Over = 80.5 cm MAXIMUM

Frame coordinates
Y = 55 cm +
X = 39.5 cm -

(*) off size cycle

Stem = 9 cm @ -17 degrees with 7.5 cm rise along the HT (off size cycle) w 42 cm BASE Bars

Approx X-Y for the aero pad:
Y= 66.5 cm
X = 48.5 cm

There are lots of numbers here and a few stand out to me - you're 5' 6" with a nearly 32" inseam. WOW! And your seat height is 890 with 165 cranks (or 725 to bb)
Your Pad Y is 665 and Pad X is 485 but based on morphology I'd suspect it to be more like 610/445. I'm trying to see, in the others numbers, why your pads are so high - you've got a 100mm drop...seat angle 80.5 degrees and you've got a saddle that should allows for the ol' nose ride. Curious.. Is it possible this Pad X is measured to the middle of the pad?

Well, regardless - Pad Y of 665 and Pad X of 485. if all this is accurate and you love your fit then the problem with the Canyon Speedmax SLX is not your Pad Y but your Pad X. Here's the prescription for an SLX: it's a Medium but you have to get the long stem and you have to push the pads out 100% to the max and even then the Pad X will be 483 and you want 485 - 2mm in this place is acceptable. You'll need the high spacer but you can be slammed on that so it'll work well and give you some room to move up and down if you want.


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