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Incorporating Yoga?
Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked before and I just missed the thread, but: what is your stance on incorporating yoga into your training?

I ask because I've gotten conflicting advice from a couple different sources. I've been told that yoga is bad because it can overstretch ligaments and lead to injury, but I've also been told that yoga is a great supplement to endurance sports because it builds strength, lubricates joints, and calms my poor, spazzed-out monkey brain.

Do you incorporate yoga as part of your training? If so, how?

Background --> I've been casually working with a local coach as I try to get the ball rolling on doing a couple late-summer sprint/oly races. She knows my whole history -- used to train for several races a year, got injured, got a job (in that order), stopped all but casual running for several years -- and is trying to help me build back first strength, then endurance. But when I mentioned that I felt like I'd picked up a lot of strength from doing yoga for the last year (thanks pandemic!) she basically told me that I should consider quitting yoga. She actually agreed that I was pretty strong and that the bodyweight elements of yoga had probably helped me gain a lot of upper-body strength, but her concern was that I am "too flexible" and that too much flexibility can lead to injury.

Thoughts? And many thanks!

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