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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [SBRcanuck]
Hi Ian, could I get your size thoughts on my numbers as well!
When looking at the Speedmax CF SLX, I seem to not necessarily fit well on any of them.
Stack - 64.5cm
reach (centre of pads) - 48cm
saddle height - 72.8
When I look at the charts, it looks like a small has a pad stack range of 566-619, so that won't work.
A medium has a pad stack range of 595 - 648, so just barely makes it?
The medium has a saddle height range listed as 727 - 857, so apparently I'd literally be on the limit of getting my saddle low enough, and obviously puts a large out of range with a 761 min saddle height.
Am I just a bad fit for Canyon?

SBRcanuck, You are reading the prescriber correctly and I would argue that even getting the medium to 648 is a bummer because it requires an aftermarket item to lift you even further than the max of all the normal pieces. Are you a bad fit for a Canyon? No. This particular Canyon Speedmax SLX is a long and low bike and you need more of a longish and and taller bike. The Canyon Speedmax CF in a medium fits you VERY well. And, I've only been looking at the new numbers on the new disc brake Speedmax for 20min so I need more time to be sure but it looks like you'd fit on that bike well too.


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