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Re: Bear Lake Brawl Pro Triathlon..today [timr]
timr wrote:
America needs another strong Triathlete. With T.O., Potts, and Starky aging up, we have Kanute, Leiferman, Russell, and Long (Ironman distance, men's field). I would say only Kanute, T.O., and Long are the KONA podium contenders at this point. I need to work around my opinions and find a way to root for him. His numbers for this race were very strong, looking at Strava.

Sam Long a kona podium contender?!? Like the real podium or fake podium?? Dude hasn’t even raced kona once (as a pro), let alone raced against the world’s top athletes. His swim needs major work if he wants to contend in Kona. You have to be in the front pack out of the swim if you want to win. He may be able to get to that point in a couple years, but to call him a podium contender right now, is disrespectful to Frodo, TO, Sebi, etc and also naive.

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