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Re: 2021 bikes and wheels - what’s fast? [TruffleShuffle]
If he's looking for a solution to a non-existent problem, just so he can spend money; best to just give it away!

It's insanity, and it's immoral in my book.

Edit: While I do believe the above to be so. It perhaps reflects a bit too harshly on the OP.
Perhaps he's assuming a new bike would only be released f it were significantly faster than what came before. So maybe I should just say that it's unwise to be this enthusiastic to be convinced you need more stuff. It also seems right to me, that we set an appreciable bar of improvement below which it is not right to spend money and resources recklessly and it's very unlikely I'd ever satisfy that bar in my own book, when replacing a bike within 1 year.
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