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Re: I love my derailleur hangar adjustment tool [exxxviii]
exxxviii wrote:
I need to add the little world of caution... I broke my derailleur hanger this weekend.

I was super excited to use my derailleur hanger adjustment tool this weekend. My RD was off and touching the spokes a little on the big cog. It was resistant, so I pulled a little harder. I freakin broke my cast aluminum derailleur hanger.

So, now I am flummoxed-- can we actually bend an aluminum hanger at all? Fortunately, I had a spare, and it is straight.

Yes, you can, but every time it gets bent it becomes a little bit damaged. If you’ve done it a few times or is bent too far it can break.

Aluminum doesn’t really like being bent. Which reminds me, I should really go and pick up some spare hangers for my mountain bike before they aren’t available anymore. That’s one of the things that annoy me, there’s no standard replaceable derailleur hanger.

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