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Re: Phlex Edge - First Impression [realAB]
To say the least. We have two of them. One locks up and won't turn off after a workout. This started yesterday morning and repeated in the PM session. I have master reset the device and today reloaded the already up-to-date firmware. Support is apparently off today, but training continues even on Christmas Eve!

AND Phlex support has us master resetting both of the devices after every workout so that duplicate and triplicate workouts aren't recorded in the profiles. One of the two swimmers has, according to the phlex app, swum 38 miles in the past 3 days. Phlex has really improved his volume!

We have used these for 10 swims so far and have completely lost two sessions of data due to lockups.

I'm kicking myself for not doing my usual research. If I knew it was still in Beta I wouldn't have purchased. We saw Cody Miller's endorsement and bought two of them on his word.

realAB wrote:
The software is less reliable at this point than Garmin but the swimming specific data is far better in my opinion. Garmin doesn't account for a lot of things like underwater kicks. Phlex did a good job with its auto detection of sets, strokes and intervals.

Edit. Swimming Australia looks to be an adopting Phlex.

TritonWear is good but software license fees...

Edit again.

Today's main set...

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