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Re: Official Speed Concept Owners Thread [wsrobert]
Hey, All. Just bought my first Speed Concept. Used 2014 7 series. I had a bike shop check it out, but I have a few questions now:

1. The front brake calipers are not quite flush with the fork as designed. Any suggestions to make them flush?

2. Has anyone experienced the paint from behind the fork rubbing off?

3. Can you purchase speed fin replacements? I noticed a chip where it meets the frame that I didnt catch (was behind the small ring).

4. This particular model did not have the integrated aerobar base with the monobar. How costly is that upgrade with parts and labor?

5. Is the SC known to have paint chips here and there? Just noticing random tiny ones (3 so far).

6. Has anyone done a complete headset change? Previous owner said he has to annually get it serviced bc it begins to creak. When he services it, he just gets the bearings replaced and his LBS says it's good to go.
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