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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [JohnB250]
Hi Ian ,
x = 450 ( mid pad ) y = 620 Seat Height = 725 My Height = 172 Weight = 64 Cranks = 172.5
I have been looking at the CF SLX size small, is that correct ?
With a Pad Y of 620 you're better off on a Medium. The Max Pad Y on a Small is 620 and that's with everything under the pad. If you got to a Medium then all you need is 25mm of pedestal and that's pretty much dead center of the range of Pad Y on the Medium you have room to move in the future. Now, about that Pad X of 450 you'll need the short stem (easy, it comes stock on the bike), you need to mount the arm cups all the way back (easy), you also need an aftermarket item that Canyon sells for the SLX called TSP (Team Switch Plate) and you'll need that to pull the pads back another little bit to get to 450.


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