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Re: Can I Interest Anyone Here in Crushingly High CRR? (Possibly for Some Added Flat Protection?) [Warbird]
Warbird wrote:

TCSD newsletter wrote:
As one can see from the performance comparison results the Tannus tires did not hold Dean back at all; he was even faster compared to his trusted tire/tube combination

But how fast would he have been if he had held the same average power with the Ritcheys?

Right. He was faster because he rode harder. This shows nothing about the tires. We need a test done at the exact same power, in the same weather conditions. And then we need a test done with a "control" tire that most of us use like a GP4k, again at the same power and weather conditions.

Editing to add: we also have no idea what pressure he inflated the pneumatic tire to, which can affect speed a ton
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