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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [ianpeace]
Hi There,

I am just in the middle of buying a Canyon Speedmax and we are trying to figure out the size, M or L. I am a pretty tall guy with a smaller torso, here are my measurements:

Height: 193cm
Inseam: 93cm
Torso: 66cm
Arm length: 64cm

I currently have a size M Merida Warp Tri 2015 (has sizes S M and L as well). I look a little bit big on the bike but seems to fit ok, I have posted a photo of myself as a reference, taken at IM African champs 2 weeks ago. I see points of improvement in position though, going for a more aggressive posiition.

My stack and reach are the following:
Armpad Stack: 647
Armpad Reach: 445
My reach is a little low, but I might be sitting a little bit too back on the bike. I see you might need a pad x and y. I am unfortunately away from my bike for like a week, but I can provide how I measured it, that might help:
My bike was standjng in front of the wall, facimg backwards to it. ( not touching, just close).
For the armpad stack that is irrelavant, but needed for the reach. the measuerements:
Stack: pady from floor - Bb y from floor = 95cm - 29.3cm = 647mm
Reach: padx from wall - bbx from wall= 127.5cm - 83.3cm= 442mm
Hope this helps

Inititally they wanted to give me an L but after all of the discussions and providing them my current stack and reach they changed their opinion to M. Based on the numbers it looks ok, it’s just weird that M would be my choice.

Would be happy for any input on my case.

Thanks and have a great day,
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