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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [chrisrpdx]

Hi Ian, interested in your thoughts/recommendation based on a recent Guru fit:

Pad reach: 556
Pad stack: 765
Pad Center to Center: 245

Saddle ht over BB: 829, Saddle setback: 26, Drop from saddle to bars: 48, Reach from saddle to bars: 896
Crank length: 172.5
Extension pitch: +12 deg
Saddle: -5 deg
6' 3", ~190 lbs


There are some numbers in here that give me pause. I expect that someone's drop (arm pad elevation) to be 12-15% of their set height. Yours is ~5%. There might be a reason...
1) beer belly for example - but you're 6'3" 190 and that doesn't say "big belly" to me
2) lots and lots of fused vertebrae, especially in the lumbar area.
2) fit didn't proceed forward enough (steep enough in seat angle) - but setback is 26mm and that seems sensible - unless...you were sitting way back on this saddle to find comfort, then this gives me a false reading.
3) fit process didn't entice you to ride lower on the front end. This happens from time to time - someone, fitter or fittee needs to step up and say "hey, let's keep going lower and see you can stay comfortable, maybe even find more comfort".

The drop speaks to your Pad Y and your pad y is a big number. If you were able to ride at even 10% of your seat height then your Pad Y would be 730 and that's a number that we can celebrate and put to use. The best Canyon Speedmax in the line for you is the CF. You'd be on an XL, which comes with a 90mm stem. That stem maxes out at a Pad X of 533. You'd need a 110mm stem and Canyon doesn't make that so you'd go out into the real world and get a Ritchey, Zipp, or Giant stem (they have a 1 & 1/4 inch to fit the steer tube). That would give you the length you need. The height would be right with some room to spare as it maxes out at Pad Y of 741. Now, If I'm wrong about my assumption, and you have to be up in the neighborhood of 760 in your Pad Y then all you'd do is acquire that new, longer stem in a +6 pitch and you'd be in the 760s.

Get back to me with questions or clarification.


Ian Murray
I like the pursuit of mastery
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