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Re: help me break 11hrs IM but Im in a complicated situation..... [tuckandgo]
I think it depends on what you are saying. If you are saying someone "averages" 12 hours of training vs someone who ONLY has a max of 12 hours, those are 2 different completely scenarios. Because if you take an average over the year and get 12, that means when you do a 10 hour week, you have to then do a 14 hour week to equal the average. And I'm guessing *most* will do more than 12 hours for IM build. And being able to train 5 weeks in a year of 16-18 hours while having the same opposite "easier" weeks, then you will be in a much better position than if you only had 12 hours a week and no more. Because in that scenario no way in hell that athlete will average 12 hours for 50 weeks. Life/work/family will get in the way and then suddenly that 12 becomes 11.4 "average", etc. And then lack of rest means you take a day off here and there and then suddenly that "12 hr max week" becomes a true average of 10.8hrs.

So I think if you say people "average" 12 hours for a year it's a huge different scenario than saying someone only has a max of 12 hours. One can and almost assuredly has larger weeks than 12, and the other will only get 12 hours. So as I said if that can be changed, we are talking something different. But if we are saying athlete only gets 1-2 hrs max a day (12 hr week) then that's going to limit the athlete who doesn't recover well and who is also coming off a 2 year "hiatus".

ETA: So no I never called you a liar. I just called your statement that "lots" do sub 10 on 12 hours of training BS. But then again if your using the average, then I think you have to contend that they also included weeks over 12hrs and thus sorta proves my point that only having 12 hours a week max, no way in hell lots of athletes will go sub 10. But if your saying that the entire year including offseason/preseason/race block "averages" 12 then I'll say that also includes weeks above 12 and thus kinda invalidates your actual statement.

I'd like to see a person's training volume who was able to do 12 hours a week for an year. I'd be very curious that they actually able to execute that to even within 20 mins avg to 12 hours.

-USAT L2 coach, M.S. Exercise Physiology
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