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Re: Official FIT ASSISTANCE for Canyon Speedmax CF and CF SLX [Karl]
Hi Ian,
I asked the question today at the Canyon/Slowtwitch expo about crank sizes and fit. Thanks for your great answer!
I have a CF SLX size medium that comes with 175mm cranks and my fitter says I would be better on smaller ones.
I guess it is just frustrating that Canyon does not have a smaller cranksizes and you must replace a brand new crank.

Thanks for being there yesterday. That was a great Roadshow!

Let me begin by saying that I agree with your fitter about the shorter cranks. Also I agree with you 100% with frustration. I spoke with the top man at Canyon USA yesterday and he told me the long term goal is to get to a place where the customer buying bike can make choices like we do now with group 9.0 (with Di2) vs 8.0 (with Ui2), or color - make choices like that with component specifics like crank length at the time of purchase. When I say long term, he seems to think it's 2 years down the road. So my response was - while we're waiting for that can we scale the cranks with the frame sizes much like we do with stems on the Speedmax CF - right now when you buy a XS CF you get a 70mm stem, the small & medium comes with an 80mm stem, and the Lg & XL comes with a 90mm stem. That seemed to take hold and will be a near future fix.

As a fitter I'm used to and seem to have come to accept the idea of buying a new bike, it having the wrong stem or saddle and removing that brand new item and swapping out with a retail purchase. The main problem with the crank is that it's just more expensive. The good news that most folks seem to be having is that a) they can pull 'em before they ride and sell 'em new and b) add crank based power to their new shorter crank purchase - feeding two birds with one scone (that's PETA's new idiom - my first use by the way).

So, they're working on it.

As I mentioned yesterday, 165 is the smallest the big players go right now (Shimano, SRAM) and lots of us should be on smaller stuff anyway - stuff that Canyon or really any bike maker would prolly not spec - so then you're looking at Info Crank, Cobb, Rotor to get to 160, 155, 150mm.


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