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PSA: De Soto Limited Edition Kit 30% - expires tonight!
With the blessings from slowman, we have a special offer for the members of this forum. Get this kit or any part(s) of it for 30% off. Offer ends this friday February 22.

click here: https://www.desotosport.com/...ections/blue-sparkle

Use this code at STSPARKLEKIT30!

If you need help with sizing email me: emilio@desotosport.com or just reply to this post with the following info about yourself:

CHEST (measured as the largest part of circumference right over the pectoral muscle)
WAIST (circumference measured at the belly-button line - this is NOT the same as your pants waist size)
HIPS (circumference measured at the widest point, NOT at your hips where your belt may go. typically this will measure just a few inches below your hips bones and around the largest part of the glutes)

Emilio De Soto II
Celebrating 30 years of making you cool in more ways that one.
emilio@desotosport.com http://www.desotosport.com
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