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Re: TR Oly build is really hard! [lightheir]
lightheir wrote:
pkeys00 wrote:
Which volume are you doing? I have done 12 weeks of the high volume oly tri base and have increased my FTP by 36 during that time. I am on day 2 of the high volume oly build now. I am a duathlete so I skip all of the swims. Yesterday I was toying with the mid volume vs the high volume for build so I am curious to hear other peoples thoughts.

Mid volume Oly base then build is what I'm doing/did.

The intensity of the bike workouts is what's really hard for me. I'm hoping I'll get more used to it with the coming weeks, but it's no joke. I'm gonna stick with it as long as I can, but as the plan continues to up the intensity and TSS, I may have to dial it back in later weeks if I can't keep up.

My run training is significant and is likely adding to the beatdown, but I'm def not pushing my limits on the run, have plenty of room to go up there in training.

I did the high volume base and only gained 4w, same as you and now doing mid volume build. The mid volume workouts tend to be a lot harder than the longer volume plans, the vo2 stuff can be impossible if you’re not feeling great on the day.

Even when i was cycling only and doing 10hrs a week on trainer road i struggled with the vo2 workouts, i think you’re meant to fail. I find the 2min intervals are hard but repeatable, the 3min intervals wreck me.
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