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Re: Scheduling help - how fit it all in? [prefersdirt]
prefersdirt wrote:

The 30-45 minutes one way is from work to the gym. Traffic mostly. From home: 5-7 minutes. (15 minutes to work in am from home). That is why nothing at lunch. Perhaps in the spring I can run over lunch. Depends on how stinky I get and if others around me get offended (no showers).

Work is often at a desk.

I will be looking at bodyweight exercises. Maybe not less time in themselves, but able to be put in without going anywhere (hence less time overall).

He already drives the ATV. Before I know it, he will want to drive the tractor! (I learned to drive a stick that way when I was barely heavy enough to engage the clutch).

Wait? You live 15 minutes from work, and you DONT workout at lunch (but, could)?

Commute workouts, lunch workouts.

There are several threads around here for how to cleanup without access to a shower. Get a fan for your office to help cool down, dry shower dust, wipes, etc.

I used to live 15 minutes from work (8 miles). That was the easiest ever for getting workouts in without specific "workout time". Run to/from work, bike to/from work. Bike to Work, run home. Run back the next day, and bike home. Run at lunch. All those workouts disappear into the woodwork of daily life. 2-a-days become the norm...3-a-days is no big deal. A couple days a week I would extend the commute one direction or the other, and get in a longer run or ride.

You just have to solve the how to clean-up-at-work-without-a-shower problem.
Solve the darkness problem. headlamps, bike lights, lighted vests.
Solve the cold problem. Lots of layers and options.

I use stretch chords at home for strength training, as well as lots of bodyweight stuff. The best part about those is that they take up ZERO space when not in use. They come in some pretty STOUT resistances, too.

Stretch cords can also be used to get some dryland swim training done. I'm using them 2x per week (usually). I setup a metronome on my phone at either 55bpm (recovery swim) or 60bpm (fast swim) and do something like 20x45s (20s) to simulate swimming 50's. I use a tabata time app on my phone to setup the intervals.

Recy: 15x45s (20s) @55spm using green rubber. roughly 750y/m @ easy pace.
Hard: 20x45s (20s) @60spm using black (or red) rubber. Roughly 1000y/m @ 200sprint pace.

You can double the interval to simulate 100s or something else. I keep it pretty simple, just as a way to keep the muscle memory "current". Its also easier to focus on Catch and Pull technique without worrying about breathing/balancing, kicking, etc. Not as a substitute for your pool swims, but as a supplement to get more frequency without pool-overhead.
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