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Re: Indian Wells 70.3 [hadukla]
I had 1.22 miles for the swim, 56.0 on the bike, 12.7 on the run.

Aside from that, my race didn't go super well. I won the bonehead award and didn't see the note to check in your T2 gear bag on Saturday. So, I stuffed my shoes in a bush and had to run barefoot for the first 0.75 miles to get to them. Also, my run is still horrible. I don't think I over pace the bike. I rode at less than 0.8 IF, which is what I do in training all the time. Yet, I blow up on the run. Maybe I shouldn't say blow up, but just that my run pace is slow. my avg. pace was about 10:00 min/mile and my long training runs are usually 9:30-9:45.
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