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Re: Ok Fishes, here is the interview we were all waiting for!! [ggeiger]
ggeiger wrote:
stevej wrote:

What useful data does a swim watch provide that a pace clock doesn't?

Stroke count, pace per length, splits for EVERY length so one can see pacing....all pretty valuable, especially if one swims alone.

Can your watch pick up stroke count data from the other hand? If not, that stroke count value would be of minimal value.

I count strokes in my head every length as I go, anyway. Much more valuable for me to know the stroke count mid-rep at the turn as I'm swimming than to see it on a screen hours later.

As for the splits and pacing, I have my doubts about the accuracy, but I'm certainly open to having my mind changed. Have you ever done a swim with someone recording splits on a stopwatch and compared them to the data on your watch?

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