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Re: Precision and accuracy of Stryd [Andrew Coggan]
Posted this to the Stryd Community FB group earlier this week:

"Just an FYI: I am at the American College of Sports Medicine meetings at the moment. I saw a number of posters evaluating Stryd, mostly (IIRC) from Furman University. The executive summary is that Stryd power data are highly reproducible across days/surface/devices, and is closely correlated with VO2. This is of course expected based previous reports and Stryd's own data, but independent confirmation is still nice to see."

To anticipate Ray's commentary: none of the posters I saw seem to have addressed the accuracy of the power data, only the precision/reproducibility and association with VO2. I assume that is because they were from smaller institutions that didn't own a force plate (or better still, a $70k force plate treadmill, like Stryd built in-house). The way that the instrumented mats or walkways are catching on, though, I expect that will soon change.
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