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Re: Michael Weiss [hairypiernas]
hairypiernas wrote:
I personally love the sport but i am of the opinion that doping in triathlon is the same as in other endurance sports(running, cycling...) and i bet that if testing was as rigorous in triathlon you would see more athletes caught way more often. I also find it hypocritical for the pro community to gang up on weiss and huethaller for example, because they don't have a likeable personality, physique or whatever it is, but they sock up to beth mcenzie (who is actually serving a doping ban) because she is likeable?! or is it because they want to participate in races she organizes? accept sponsorship from her clothing line? what is it? they embrace her in the community... talk about double standards oh boy.

Fwiw Weiss has a super likable personality too but just might not be liked by some pros. I think Beth's is a little more about what she was popped for "Ostarine" and the fact that it was quite plausible that it was tainted supplements given the number of women being hit with the same positive. Hard to say since in general it seems like we (pro triathletes) are anti-confrontational to begin with.

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