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Re: May Fish Thread [devashish_paul]
devashish_paul wrote:
All of you talking about outdoor pool swimming are getting me excited. I have one more month to wait but after that I have a pool that has daily 90 min lane swim that is 1k from where we set up our new office. No I did not pick the office location based on that pool...I promise it is just a wild coincidence.

Sorry, but I was back at the outdoor pool today as it was 30°C and sunny, so the 25°C water felt great!

500m in,
4x200m fins snorkel, 200m swim, 150m swim/50m kick, 100m/100m, 50m/150m kick
8x25m 2x(1 easy, 2-3 80% 4 fast)
100m 70% 100m 80% 100m 70% 100m fast
100m 70% 200m 80% 100m 70% 100m fast
100m 70% 300m 80% 100m 70% 100m fast
100m 70% 400m 80% 100m 70% 100m fast
200m out

That's my longest swim ever! 3900m. I swam 750m in open water yesterday in a race too, that was fun except for when the water plants were so thick I could hardly move!
EDIT: here are photos of the pool. One on a good day (empty!) one on a bad day (full)

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