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Re: 70.3 Hawaii ("Honu") VOG Update [KonaCoffee]
Friday's update:

Yesterday's ash explosion sent ash to 30,000 feet. Since the jet stream is well north of here atm (settling into the summer pattern jet stream wise) the ash is returning to earth pretty much in the Puna and Ka'u districts.

Vog is higher than normal on the west side. By afternoon it's hard to see Haulalai from the pier. Up north it was much better, though somewhat worse than normal. I suspect this what you will see come race day; lower than normal air quality but not enough to have significant adverse athletic impacts. Hawaii is still open for business, in fact race week might be nice as tourism numbers are way down!

A couple of websites to help Honu athletes track the air quality:



I'll update this thread should there be anything significant to report.


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