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Re: Is an Ironman run fade inevitable? [devashish_paul]
devashish_paul wrote:

  1. Don't bank time, the bank charges interest :-) (not the perfect analogy, but it's more like the bank charges interest when you go to withdraw the banked time that you put in....bad deal)
  2. Run by pace, not effort. To this day, I swear Andreas Ralaert let both the 2010 and 2011 IM World Championships get away running waaaaay sub 6 on Alii drive. In 2010 he was chasing Macca and caught him and ran out of gas. In 2011, he was chasing Crowie, and kept closing and closing and closing, but ran his fast miles in the wrong part of the race (see item 1 above). Honestly I swear that most pros on Alii drive are idiots in terms of how fast they run early. They got this thing Bassackwards. Today's pros need to watch Dave Scott and Mark Allen going head to head in 1989 out of T2. Those guys were masters. They were jogging. Mark ran a 2:39 a his times included T2.
  3. I'm adding the third point which is what Coach Pat McCrann from EN brought up. If you think you went too easy for the first 130.6 mile, don't worry, you have a 10 mile full on foot race to make up for 130.6 miles of mistaken pacing....THIS ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS

I guess I don't even understand the analogy used in point #1 because I basically thought it was contradicting point #2. It seems like it was his way of saying "Don't use pace..." which I wholeheartedly disagree with. Note: This assumes you don't have some way to determine power like Stryd.

Dev, maybe your underlying point is really the following, which was typically used for the bike but clearly applies to the run too?

The physiological cost of power (or pace) increasing has an exponential impact. So, you don't get back later in the day (1:1) what you put in earlier on in the day.

We used this rule as we to teach people the importance of not going too hard uphills (or in the first 3 - 5 miles of the run) and keeping things steady, i.e., maintain low variability.
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