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Updated: Aero Testing in Colorado Springs April 27th
I know many of you have asked me if I plan to come to the velodrome in Colorado Springs for aero testing. The answer has always been no, but I'm in the final phases of working out the details with USAC and the USOTC to set up semi-regular aero testing at the velodrome.

The first test dates might come within the next few weeks, so I'll post as soon as I know. If you're interested, drop me a pm and I'll begin creating a list. Pricing will be the same as it is now in LA: $699 for individuals, $599 for two athletes, and group pricing upon request (you need 6 riders or more for group pricing).

We can only test at the velodrome when it's covered; however, that might not be a problem as the high cost of removing and re-installing the "dome at the 'drome" might mean it stays on permanently. This would allow me to schedule regular trips throughout the year.

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