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XS Premier Tactical 2.0
Hoping for your in-put.

We have just about completed the XS Tactical. This was designed to give riders 5'5" and shorter a really great handling triathlon bike. It's built around 650c wheels and is proportioned just right. Based on your in-put I opened molds for 50 mm front and rear, 88 mm front and rear and a rear disc wheel - so you will have all the options. Crank length will be specified at 155 arms.

The molds are all done and the frame is now in physical testing. Hoping for bikes in May.

Colors: we currently do not do a lot of decals but we include a red, blue and white options. http://www.premierbike.com

I was thinking I should include another color for the XS. I asked some female athletes at last weeks TBI conference and they all said "pink".

Any preference??

Dan Kennison

facebook: @triPremierBike
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