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Re: Official Specialized Shiv Thread [CAnderson_SBC]
Well, this might be the latest I've ever been to a party, but here is my 2017 Shiv Elite. More or less stock, I only added the Fuelcell and some Oval Conceptes 950F carbon clinchers which I really like. I wonder why Specialized seems to ship all their bikes with "inadequate" wheels (compared to the excellent frames).

Why did I hop on the Shiv train this late in the game? Simply because it fits really, really well. I am 6.6'' (just one centimeter shy of two meters) and the adjusted XL frame together with a round on the Retül machine ended up producing a ride that fits me like a glove. The side effects are of course that I am now looking for a larger road bike for those group rides. Countless ways to burn money...
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