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Re: Secondhand Dimond [Poon]
I get your points and I think they are valid.

As I have said repeatedly throughout this thread, much would've been different if they had just treated the situation differently. Treated me differently. When you're A small yet high-end brand like you're describing, the way you treat people matters all the more. If I had been treated better, regardless of mistakes in pricing, I wouldn't have been on here complaining. And I think there's been no anonymity. I emailed TJ directly about this exact situation. His response was lackluster and definitely implied that he also wasn't interested in taking the time to understand where I was coming from. Front to back, it felt like Dimond never gave a shit.

Jimmy at Ventum seized an opportunity by making me feel like he gave a shit.

I think there's a famous Maya Anjelou quote about all this.

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“I swim to get to the bike. I run because nobody gives a shit about aquabike.”
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