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Re: Premier Tactical [davejustdave]
Yeah not really excited about this one, but I wish the owner luck, at least he's trying.

My take is:
1. Somewhat generic frame from Taiwan. I realize its not the exact same, but looks a lot like the dengfu frames that companies like 'Squad' use, that can be bought online with generic paint for 1k, with someone elses name slapped on it. Probably doesn't matter to some, but this frame will have pretty miserable resale value.
2. Generic wheels that are very heavy ,again, low resale value too.
3. Yeah, neat that a powermeter is on there, but that can be bought for $500.
4. Case, nice, also $300-$500.
5. Ultegra Di2, yes nice, but again, its really not that pricey these days to buy ultegra di2 shifters and derailleurs.

I'm not really seeing the $5500 US price tag as some amazing value. Just my .02, nothing personal.
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