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Re: Premier Tactical [GreenPlease]
GreenPlease wrote:
Long low geometry

Proportionally, but there's nothing low about a min stack of 565 for the product line as a whole. In fact I can't think of any bike that has a min stack that high in its smallest size.

The open mold wheels are also a non starter for me. The entire line of defense from these component profiteers about the quality of their factories and the volume of products per annum is getting old. It doesn't mean anything. My guess is the wheels in general and the brake tracks in particular are trash at best and dangerous at worst, like others of this ilk.

But who cares? At this price point, might as well keep them to serve as a back up during the next major Zipp recall. Assuming this bike doesn't turn out to just completely suck -- which isn't an assumption any of us can or should make at this point -- there isn't much competition on price value in the market today, even among the Alibaba contingent.

I love the clean design aesthetic, but I don't understand not having some sort of integrated hydration / nutrition solution -- at least some bosses on the stem or a bridge between the pads. And no trash can? No ham sandwich compartment?

Aside from all that, it's nice to see another rim brake upstart in this space to take on the lying, manipulative companies who are trying to sell us slow bikes with hub disc braking. The more fresh rim brake bikes in circulation, the better. I wish this guy luck. Count me in for one of his chains.
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