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Re: Dimond has some A2 data! [BryanD]
BryanD wrote:
The GMAN wrote:

5. Aero data. Dimond has been doing a lot of testing in the A2 tunnel the past few months. I'm interested to see what gets released. I actually saw this data about the Beam Box several weeks ago but I don't think it was for public consumption at that point. Obviously, this data was released to sell the Beam Box. Nothing more, nothing less. Dimond has done a bunch of other testing far beyond this widget though. My understanding is there's some good data coming but I guess we will wait and see. I hope they just release everything (or most everything) and let us dissect it up. I just hope they don't do what Ventum did and say we have this awesome data and never release it. At least Dimond went to A2 and not Faster.

Dimond's wind tunnel data on their website comes from Faster.

That data is two years old. The new data is coming from A2. They have been testing in A2 since early this year. There's a secret Dimond Facebook page that teases us from time to time with testing pics from A2.

As I said before, I'm interested in what gets released.

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