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Re: How was your week? June 13 Edition [AndyPants]
I had a good last week. I am proud of myself for balancing short and easy runs with speedwork (one of my goals). I swam 4x (goal had been 3). I biked twice (goal had been 3). I did 12.25 hours of dissertation work, plus I was at a conference for one day. My goal had been 15 hours, so a B on that... I did take a day off from running. :-)

The best part of the week was a tie between hiking in Acadia National Park with a friend, or mile repeats on the track with the same friend.

The worst part was about three days of irritability from PMS. Grrrr. I just couldn't make it go away!

Goals this week:
15 hrs of dissertation work (did 3 yesterday)
run faster than last year at a 5k this Saturday
bike 4x (2 done)
swim 2-3x
install speedometer on bike!

Edit - forgot to answer own question. My favourite part of summer is swimming in the ocean, working at summer camp - particularly lifeguarding in the afternoon on hot days - and those popsicles that come in little plastic tubes (freezer pops or Otter Pops or PopIce or whatever). I LOVE THOSE POPSICLES and in fact eat them year round...

maybe she's born with it, maybe it's chlorine
If you're injured and need some sympathy, PM me and I'm very happy to write back.
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