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Re: New Canyon on their website [Karl]
Karl wrote:
But it sure is nice to see the quality and detail in person.

Okay, but that's nothing to do with test riding it - just seeing/handling it.
I don't think it's really about quality either, it's just about getting a proper sense of proportion, colour and scale that's not always conveyed sufficiently in photos. Are you actually worried the quality will be unacceptable or is it just a case of seeing it in person and deciding if you really like it?

But yes, it's nice to see what you're buying in person. However I've still bought my last two bikes without having seen them in person first. My roadbike is a Canyon Ultimate CF SL 9.0 which I bought when they were released without having seen one and I recently bought a Felt IA14. I'd seen one of the original IAs previously but didn't get to see what I was buying until it arrived. Worst case you somehow completely misjudged it from photos and specs and don't like it in person. So send it back - it does cost a bit, but how likely is that to happen?
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