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Re: Runners, calf strain? [randomtriguy]
randomtriguy wrote:
FYI what you may have is posterior tibial tendonitis (i thought i had a calf injury too when this came up).
The top part of this picture in red is where the pain was for me.
if that sounds familiar, google some exercises you can do with a band. It cleared it up for me.

(Above) That is where my daughter has developed leg pain this year (track clubs). Currently hobbling around on a crutch.

Last Tuesday my left calf tightened up during a run. As soon as i felt the pain I shut it down. Within 10 minutes had trouble walking, usually the way it goes.

I knew that was coming due to problems in my stride or run gait. My left side is in "rebuild" mode as I am getting PT work done on my hip and lower back. So as that is loosening up and functioning more normally, it follows that the rest of the leg also will need work. My quads I sorted out last year, and I could feel my calf was pretty wooden ie dysfunctional. So not surprised it let go.

I got IMS or dry needling last Thursday and will roll and strengthen the calf by doing tethered heel drops and lifts. Easy running today, felt OK so that has been one week.

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