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Re: New NormaTecs? [rbuike]
rbuike wrote:
HalfSpeed wrote:
While I would never use that in public, it would be nice to come home to it after some hard training.

I remember Rapp and Simon Whitfield mentioning there is more to gain from using them before rather than after a hard workout. I had a set for a while, I sold them, nothing that a good pair of compression tights won't do.

Nope. On the recovery side, it's more debatable. There's good evidence that compression garments help with both muscle function/soreness and blood markers for muscle damage based on a relatively wide range of studies. One of my projects this winter is to make people aware of the same data that's out there for recovery on NormaTec. There's not yet any studies comparing the two (that I'm aware of).

The big thing that NormaTec does - and this gets to what someone else posted about it being most effective BEFORE a workout - is that it stimulates nitric oxide production. Compression garments simply do not do this.

So yes, if you just want something to help you after a workout, a good pair of compression tights is good. IME, having used both good compression tights and the NormaTec, I *perceive* (FWIW) the NormaTec to be better, although it is notably more expensive. But there is a distinct difference in what the two do. And, the NormaTec can do a lot more.

I have the full study, but here is a a peer-reviewed study on this particular effect of the NormaTec boots - http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/...13/EP085160/abstract

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