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Re: 100/100 Run Challenge Airing of the Grievances Thread (Dec 1) [devashish_paul]
First time of doing this that I have grievances to air! Mix of timeline + grievances:

1) Built up to 50 miles/week last year during 100-100 (BarryP style), no injuries, felt great, had my best 70.3 run by far at Oceanside at the end of the month (not my fastest, but close while being FAR easier - ran with some slower friends for a bit which kept me from 70.3 run PR)
2) Got a new job mid-March, moved to elevation, got ridiculously busy, and all but stopped working out
3) Got fat and out of shape (end of challenge to now: +35 lbs)
4) Decided to get back IN shape ~6 weeks ago (had to prepare for 100-100 again!)
5) Went to doctor, got diagnosed with an issue (non-training-related, non-preventable) requiring surgery and 6+ weeks off of training
6) Have now worn a fat-me-shaped divot in living room chair

On the plus side, my exercise exile expires December 12th, just in time to start my slow-and-steady plodding on the treadmill, working back up to get (hopefully) most of what I lost back. I would be ecstatic to get back to that 35-50 mpw range.

Edit to add: last year I lost out on "credit" on some runs by starting at 20 mpw @ 6 runs/week, so some were in the 0:20 range. It was frustrating, but I also knew that when I got back from my 18-22 minutes of running I was still pretty darn fresh, so I got the 0:30 rule. If I'd done a really hard 20-25 mins and totally beat myself to hell, I'd have likely lied on the #s to get a run credit due to the expenditure. 15 mins would have gotten me credit on all runs, 20 would have too, but in the end, if I throw on the gear, go out for 15 mins, come back, have to change again, etc. I still did a "run", I think.
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